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Uber may seem cheap, but there’s a real cost to Uber.

Uber has admitted it “made mistakes” but it’s clear nothing has changed.  It does not deserve a place on London’s streets.

That’s why we’re calling on the Mayor not to re-license Uber in London, following the company’s appeal in the courts.

Join our call and send an email to the Mayor today.

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How are they using your data?

It is unclear what Uber is doing with your data and whether it is safe. Its terms and conditions allow them to access everything from your calendar to the last webpage you browsed.
Uber has already tried to hide a data breach, which affected 2.7 million users in the UK. They have also used controversial Greyball software to try to hide from TfL.

What else could they be hiding?

Have they changed their immoral business practices?

Uber’s business is set up to make as much profit as they can, whilst taking as little responsibility as possible.

The company says it’s merely an app that “connects riders and drivers” and that its drivers are all self-employed. This allows Uber to exploit them, avoid paying them the national minimum wage or holiday pay, and deny them basic workers’ rights they are entitled to. Uber is continuing to fight an employment tribunal decision from 2016 that said that its drivers are not self-employed.

Uber has avoided paying up to an estimated £20 million in tax to the Government by taking large commissions on their drivers’ trips and billing it offshore.

Uber has aggressively challenged every attempt by TfL to better regulate the industry and protect Londoners.

Are they keeping you safe?

Uber is failing its passengers, its drivers and other road users on safety.
Its drivers are undertrained, potentially not licensed and uninsured. While black cab drivers spend over three years studying for The Knowledge, Uber drivers unquestioningly follow a satnav with no idea of what lies ahead.
Even driving or walking on the same street as an Uber is a risk as they regularly crash, mount pavements, and even drive down steps.

The real cost of Uber